Geoff Buck

Geoff hails from East Lancashire and splits his time between the UK and Lanzarote.

Retired from Rolls Royce in 2015 he joined the best club in the world (early Retirement). He is a qualified SCUBA Diving Instructor, A Radio Amateur and loves to travel and has been lucky to have visited many Countries around the World and hopes to visit many more too.

Married to Julie, they have 3 grown up children between them and 2 Granddaughters. They also have Golden Retriever called Hector who travels to Lanzarote with them.

Angie Brand

Angie was born in Leeds into a musical family in whose house voices singing and a musical instrument of one kind or another could always be heard.

She started to mingle with celebrities from an early age, babysitting the Birdseye Beef burger advert twins. Angie moved with her family to Cheshire in the 80’s and got a job with Cheshire County Council’s Road Safety Department.

It was here that she met and had lunch with Dave Prowse who not only played the Green Cross Man in road safety commercials on T.V. but also played Darth Vader in the film Star Wars. At lunch Mr. Prowse asked if Angie could pass him the ketchup, which she did, cheekily adding ”May the sauce be with you”. Her love of singing saw her join a local musical troupe which played around the North West of England and North Wales.

She was also a backing vocalist for Studio 1 recording studio, near Chester, owned by the Black Abbott’s Bobby Turner. Here she worked with former Strife and Nightwing bassist Gordon Rowley who had previously been in Los Angeles working as a recording engineer with Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Eagles and Joe Walsh so to add Angie to his CV was a real feather in his cap.

Angie gave up full time employment to raise a family and, when her children were at school age, she finally got a chance to follow her passion for radio and began being a regular contributor to her local radio station. Here she successfully completed a course and gained a certificate in radio presentation. Angie has been fortunate enough to appear on stage with BBC Radio Merseyside DJ’s Billy Butler and Wally Scott and took part in the official opening of a fish restaurant with Full Monty and Coronation Street star Bruce Jones (Les Battersby).

She moved to Lanzarote in 2004 and in 2007 landed a job as a radio presenter with UK Away FM where she stayed for a very enjoyable eight years. She was also the first ever presenter at Monster Radio where she presented the Saturday Morning show for a while.

She now very proudly presents her own weekday Lunchtime Show as well as her beloved Saturday Morning Show here on White Beach Radio.

Graham Woodhead

Another Yorkshire born presenter (must be something in the water).

After a lifetime torturing lumps of metal in engineering I am now torturing your ears on White Beach radio.

The co-author of 3 children and a football team of grandchildren I ‘commute’ between my beloved Yorkshire and Lanzarote which I hope to soon make my ‘Yorkshire in the sun’.

We are slowly gathering quality presenters and are very selective in our choices as we want only the best. We are truly a team and have the determination to make it a success.

As owner (said with tongue in cheek) of White Beach Radio it is my desire to make it your ‘go to’ station and with your help we can achieve that aim.

From small acorns great oaks grow, welcome along on our journey.

Tom Kelly

During my time as a presenter I have presented over 3000 radio shows for various stations.

I started out as a tyre fitter/repair fitter working on remould tyres at 16 that lasted only a few month’s, then went on to become a spray painter with kitchen units.

Later on in life, i worked my way up in the licence trade. I worked in the security industry only to find that my face didn’t fit, so hence into radio work.

I started off with a small station to gain experience and after 11 months moved on to various stations up to the present day.

Hot And Spicy was born 4 years ago. A radio show with a difference, music with fun and games that has made me and this show a popular household name. I take my Hot And Spicy show on the road doing midweek shows for local functions.

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